That’s mine!

And then you say…

That’s not how you do it.

Stop it!

You never let me…

Don’t be such a baby.

But you promised…

Leave me alone!

Why won’t you play with me?

Don’t tell mom.

I told you so.

I’m never playing with you again!

Come on, lets go…

Ok, forget what I was talking about earlier

Whatever I had been thinking about earlier is a lost cause now. I have been entertaining kids, making brownies, cleaning up, etc. and any kind of though provoking material is non-existent at this moment. All I can think about is kids and moms, so, without further ado I bring you:

You might be a mom if…

If you catch yourself humming the Spongebob tune during random times of the day…you might be a mom.

If you would rather your husband take the kids on a date instead of you…you might be a mom.

If you have ever remembered to “log in” to certain websites in order to earn points, fake money, free virtual food…you might be a mom.

If tighter sweat pants count as “dressed up”…you might be a mom.

If tv dinners look better to you now than when you were in the college dorm…you might be a mom.

If your search history includes things like “how to make play dough, rashes on arms, items up noses, etc.”…you might be a mom.

If the term “tear-jerker” reminds you of Bambi…you might be a mom.

If you know the names of each main character in 3 or more daytime cartoons…you might be a mom.

If grilled cheese and tomato soup count as a more sophisticated dinner than usual…you might be mom.

If you are hated, embarrassed, proud, depressed, happy, lonely, overwhelmed, exhausted and loved all within a few hours…you might be a mom.

Whether you had, have, or are one; I hope you appreciate moms who are doing their best, even if it’s not always perfect. Until next playdate…