Tips for Back To School Shopping

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Bedtime Stories: Please Check All Large Trunks

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Bedtime Stories: Feeding Monsters

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A Life Worth Living?

You would feel the same way if you saw the look in your kids’ eyes. When you can’t tell who is in more pain, you, or your wife watching helplessly. I know the arguments. I know the reasons. I used to believe them too. Believe them…hell, I preached them…

“Your life is not in your hands! It is appointed unto man once to die. Does that say it is appointed unto man once to feel sorry for himself? It is appointed unto man once to feel some pain? If God wanted you to take your life, he would have put an “easy” button on our bodies so we could check out any time the going gets rough. GOD is the one who decides. He can heal or destroy. Blessed be the name of the Lord in sickness and in health.”

Oh yeah, I believed it alright. I’ll never forget the pained look in Stephanie’s eyes after she talked to me about her mom…

“Pastor Bill, what if someone is hurting…scared…”

“You must believe. You must have faith. There is a reason that she is still here. Don’t give in to the temptation to take the easy way out. I know that it is hard, but God can heal! You can’t forget that. He can take her mind and make it sharp again. If he can stop the mouths of lions, don’t you believe he can give your momma some peace?”

“I know he can. He could…you don’t understand though. She doesn’t know who we are. She is scared of the nurses, driven to madness by the constant beeping. If she has a clear moment, she begs us to take her life. The only reason she is even alive now is because of the medications they pump into her.”

“I am sure it is hard. She needs you to be strong…”

We never did finish that conversation. That is the problem with being a pastor. There is always someone waiting in line to shake your hand and tell you “nice sermon”. She probably didn’t think I cared. I know I didn’t fully understand…

I do now though. How the accident happened, I still can’t remember, but I will never forget the look in my kids eyes when they realized I had just lost control of my bowels. The fear in my wife’s face as she realized that the church would only cover the immediate costs from the accident, not the costs of a few months of inpatient care, and a year, if I’m lucky of home health. “Health” in which I will be lucky to remember who my wife is, as the internal injuries slowly kill me. No one should have to watch their kids wipe their dad’s ass or watch their wife give up her life to care for someone whose “life” isn’t really living at all.

Hobbler’s note: I need to know any objections to assisted suicide. Also any views for it. I wrote that story as fiction, but there are many people in far worse shape than anything I can imagine. Please share your opinions. I was born to take this debate to the next level, and this is your chance to make a difference.

Happy Late Father’s Day.

Coming in late is a good thing because it leaves an impression right? Anyway, happy Father’s day to my husband. He is a good dad, and since we are on vacation, he had to spend father’s day alone, but I hope he knows that we love him. He is a really incredible father. He has taught the kids how to do so many things and has shown them the value of working hard and following through with stuff (something I would have a hard time teaching them).

I think that often the value of fathers in general is not recognized in our society. There are some things that moms are really good at, but kids need the love and attention of a good dad. I’m lucky to have found a good man and a great role model for my kids.

Just a brief rant here, our society has a lot of issues with men and fathers. I think that if you are a single mom, you can do it, and you can raise wonderful children, and I admire your ability to handle whatever circumstances that have left you in that position. I also think that it is BS that fathers are made to look like idiots on many tv shows. It is crazy how difficult it can be for dads to be involved in their children’s lives after divorce. The legal system seems to be set up in favor of mothers, and although I think that motherhood is vitally important, there are some really bad moms out there. There are bad dads too, but the ratio has to be equal, but the system doesn’t treat it as such.

Dads are important and many of them are smart, resourceful, hard-working, and great role models, including my husband. They need to be recognized as such…not only on Father’s Day, but throughout the year, in the media and in the world outside of the box. I am thankful to be able to watch my kids interact with and learn from my husband. Their lives and mine are better for it.