Yes, there’s the emotional pain of abandonment and loss and rejection, of my…nevermind. I shouldn’t even talk about that heartbreak. 

Physical pain is kicking my ass at the moment. It feels like my legs are burning and being crushed at the same time, and then they spasm and I can’t describe it. From an 8 to a 10. Thankfully each only lasts a second, and they only come every 30 seconds or so. Nothing like real pain to distract you from emotional bs. 

That said, I’ll always miss you.

Real Question

Only honest answers please, I get enough bullshit to disdain it here. (Most of the time 😉 ).

Which is worse, having a severe disability, or caring for someone with one?

In other words:

Wiping someone’s ass, or needing someone to wipe yours?

Being in constant pain, or the helplessness of watching someone you love endure constant pain.

Moments when you wish for death…I guess that applies to both caregiver and the invalid.

To My Husband: 1st date truth

First of all, I am a little offended that you all didn’t think I went to a strip club on our first date. What, I’m not good enough to frequent strip clubs? What a bunch of judgmental bloggers…

Anyway, you were right, no drunken strip club that night.

In the interest of not boring anyone, how long do you think we dated before I was diagnosed with MS?