This might be the most boring post I’ve written.

So, why are you still reading? Seriously? You just love me that much that I can say this is going to be incredibly boring and still have you spellbound? Good, that is right where I want you. Most of the time. Some of you I might want in other places, but you know what I mean, right?

Okay, so on with the boredom…I went to the Dr. today. By Friday I will should have seen 5 different specialists within a week. I am still thinking of backing out of the last two, so we will see. Anyway, today I met with the Dr. who will give my Botox next, hopefully in a few weeks. She is giving me 300 units when she does it. That is awesome. The first time I had it done they just gave me 100, so the more drugs the better right? Did you know Botox is short for Botulinum toxin? It is “the most powerful neurotoxin yet discovered”. So, you might as well just start calling me SuperWoman now.

In other boring news, tomorrow I have my second spa treatment, aka being hooked to an IV for 2 hours. It really is wonderful though. I am hoping this time doesn’t make me feel as crappy as I did after the last one. Just in case, you should be prepared to thoroughly entertain me with your posts tomorrow. I think the side effects last time were mostly side effects of trying to make my day away from home as long as possible. If I do feel badly, it might mean I am getting the real drug, vs. the possibility of a placebo. That means, you might as well just start calling me SuperWonderWoman.

Anyway, I might write a fill in the blank mad lib style thing while I am there. What do you think?

I’m sorry, I just can’t do this anymore. I am boring myself. Just wish me luck, joy, happiness, and that there won’t be any kryptonite lying around there.

There is something I’ve been wanting to tell you…

I still am not sure how to go about this, but you all have been so supportive this past month as I worked through my internal struggles. I used to not even notice, but it seems to just be getting worse. My husband is fed up with it, and my kids don’t even have their friends over anymore.

I think I’m a hoarder. It is not as bad as the people you see on tv…there are no rats or anything. This all started the more I stayed home. It is easy to just let stuff around you pile up, when you are in a wheelchair, and since I can’t really go shopping at real stores very often, the home shopping network has been my lifeline. Well, that and blogging.

This may, or may not seem like a big deal to you, but the problem is that since I can’t go upstairs very often, I keep most of the stuff downstairs. I put a lot under the stairs, but there is no more room. It is not like I am just wasting money on stuff I will never use…I have a purpose for everything I order, and I will use it, it is just that sometimes I order stuff for a period of time in the future. Also, sometimes I get stuff that reminds me of when my kids were little, because there are so many happy memories there.

Anyway, it is getting difficult to move around. My wheelchair is pretty wide, and paths seem to be getting smaller. I just need to do something, and I don’t know what. I would sell some of the stuff, but what if I need it later?

Okay, so sorry for all the drama, and I hope you are not disappointed that I am just hoarding stuff. I don’t even know if that is a real problem. Maybe it is just a different lifestyle, but I have watched that hoarders show, and they usually need professional help. Like I mentioned before, I don’t really want to go see a psychiatrist or anything, because of transportation issues. I just need some ideas on how to best deal with this. It is kind of embarrassing, and I don’t want to tell anyone in my regular life, because they would want to see my house and stuff. Talking about it to you seems like a better option.

Thanks for all your concern, and suggestions.

You can tell me…

I took my daughter to school today on the wheelchair. Then I went to the library. Throughout the day I noticed that some people were looking at me funny…smiles of condolences, darting eyes, etc. Anyway, you all will tell me the truth right?

Does this wheelchair make my butt look big?

In other news, you know it is spring when you get your first sunburn, so welcome spring…next time, sunblock.

Why walk when you could fly update

This post probably won’t make much sense unless you read this first.

So, I’ve been thinking about the feather thing and maybe it would be better to get/make little parachute guys to drop with the real skydiver. We could put “I flew for___________” on the parachute for the little ones. Like, “I flew for the Hobbler” or “I flew for my mom” you get the idea right?

The feather just wouldn’t make as much of an impact as little paratroopers supporting the cause. Anyway, please let me know what you think.

All botoxed up and nowhere to go

Well, it’s finally here. Just got done shooting up. No, not like that, I got Botox. In my leg. Just in case you are wondering, my legs are not wrinkled (although they are a little hairy at the moment).

Hopefully the Botox will paralyze the hyper-active muscles in my leg so I can really work out the atrophied muscles without the spasms getting in the way. That’s the plan at least.

Anyway, the point is; I got Botox. After trying my luck at being a supermodel or an end cap at home depot; I figure now that I have Botox in my system, I should probably be an actress. I would be a Cougar, but I’m happily married and not creepy enough to go for people half my age.

My biggest problem is that I don’t know the in’s and out’s of being a movie star or even a crazy want-to-be Barbie. So I guess I’ll just hope this Botox eases a little pain and allows me to get buff. If it does, I can pursue something I’m really good at. Something like the strong man competition. Except I’m not a man…well, it’s about time they had a strong-woman-supermodel-Botox filled-wheelchair-writing competition anyway. Hey, it could happen…

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