I know You’re here with me

Watching me.

Feeling my fingers

Make that my thumbs

As we lightly push the letters

Gently forming the words

That pour from my heart

That play with my mind

That whisper from my soul

You haunt me

And fill me

I am Your pen

Your fingers

Your thumbs

You are my God

I’m just a dot

Who plays with the words

That make up the story

The story of us.



Reminding me that Life is hard

Convincing me that I am broken

Desperate for Your touch

Longing for release

An escape from this world of pain

Why do You wait so long?

I’m hurting and losing hope

But not faith

I know you’ll rescue me

Save me from the heartache

From the pain

From the futility of existence

From my thoughts

Be my help

See my pain

Save me agaun

Like You always do

Money is paper

But sometimes it is fun

To pretend I had many dollars

Instead of just one.

Then I laugh at myself

Silly girl, you’re just fine

No need to worry, regret, or whine.

You see, I’ve a God who has streets made of gold.

The time on this planet is not meant to hold

Me trapped in doubt,or buried in fear.

So even when the path is not clear.

I choose to believe that You already know

The perfect plan and how it should go.

So I rest in anticipation of what’s next to come.

Humbled by the power of God’s Holy Son.

Poetry is dead?

I’m reblogging but also editing a touch because I kept trying to comment and it wouldn’t post. I don’t know if poetry is dead. The Spirit that inspires it is definitely alive and goes by Allah/Jesus/HolySpirit/God/MotherNature. I think the same Spirit that inspired most religious texts also inspires most poets. It calls itself, The Word, in Genesis 1:1.

Back to the reblog.

Poetry Is dead Death is inevitable, painful and is a rather complicated stage for the living. There is no definite finality of it either, as there …

Poetry is dead

No words

I don’t know how to thank You, Lord for the things You’re doing now.

So I return to my silly blog to get it out somehow.

So much more than I ever dreamt, theses blessings are much more than just Heaven sent.

How is this possible? Am I still in a dream? Surely it isn’t as easy as it would seem.

The truth is You enjoy blowing my mind. True Love like the one we have is so hard to find.

So of course I will bow and follow your lead, and see what You do with Your submissive seed.

Here I Am Again

Faced with a blank page

I’ve written some good stuff

But it never seems to be enough

I guess it depends on what you’re going for

I’m in love with words

The way they play in my mind

The gentle guidance

Or forceful thrust

They play with me

As I play with them

We are a match made in Heaven

But I need to get up


Satan Cracks Me Up

I’ve tuned into a Jesus Devotee this year. He’s taken over all of my social media, and the rest of my life. I got saved as a child but after a life of trials had come to the conclusion that we were probably all right.

Then all the stuff earlier this year (see blog)and now I’m a Jesus freak, so, whatever. Anyway, back to Satan. He doesn’t like me because I’m so into Jesus, even though I love Satan too, in some ways.

God and me love everyone. Anyway, the other day he started messing with my ears. Now they ring all the time.

He thinks he can make me forget to tell everyone that Satan exists only in your head. It is hard, and I can’t do it while writing this because I’m looking at a screen.

When I’m done being my head to write, I’m going to tell my brain to shut up and to quit being such a narcissist. Then I’m going to close my eyes and be my body and soul. You can too.

What’s going on?

I’m kind of at a loss

Wondering why my life You’d toss

I’m sure You’ve got some plan

But I’d like to understand

Exactly what’s going on

You want me to get strong

But the method is so tough

I doubt I’m strong enough

To handle it this way

What I’m trying now to say

Is that I’m feeling scared

I don’t think I’m prepared

To handle life this way

What my heart keeps trying to say

Is that even though I’m confused

I’m sure I’m being used

But how and in what ways?

And for how many days?

I’ll try to make it through

I know I can trust You

Even when it hurts

The bad times come in spurts

Good things are around the bend

The pain will one day end

Until I understand

Please Savior, hold my hand.

Some nights…

 Like tonight, 

I stay awake.


About you.

If you are out there



More than my imagination.

More than my daydream.

More than your words

On a screen

In my hand

And in my heart.

I love the fantasy I have of you.

I love that you don’t actually see me.

There is something so beautiful about a world freed from reality.

I can be myself, without being my total self.

It is beautiful


Some nights

Like tonight…