I believe in the power of making people smile.

 This world is full of disappointments, setbacks, and hurdles. It is also full of amazing people who are lost in a world of technology and isolation. 

A smile is easy to give away, and  so wonderful to obtain. It holds power of community, power of the present, and power to change people to the very core.

To you.

I know you’ve been watching me.

I can feel the lust of your eyes.

You want me to expose all of myself to you. 

Every dirty little secret.

For me to relive every moment of intense pleasure. 

To tingle again from each painful lash.

To open myself completely to you. 

To be yours.

You want to know me.

What things tickle,

What things hurt. 

What things excite and stimulate me in ways beyond comprehension.

You follow my every movement as I show myself to you.

The thought of you watching me is exhillerating.

I want to be viewed by you;

Be consumed by the heat of your gaze.

Watch me, follow me, use me.

I am yours.

Thanks for reading me.

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