What to do when you realize you are an idiot:

In light of recent events, I am re-posting this as a reminder to myself. First and most importantly; don’t panic. 98.875% of the world’s population will come to this realization at some point in their lives. If you don’t think … Continue reading

I’m an idiot


I can be a touch impulsive at times. Mostly times involving my independence. Today (insert flashback music here)…

Setting: Family home, me in my power wheelchair, which has been flashing an ‘error, bad cable’ message for a few days. Feeling slightly better after my sick days, with a genius idea for supper. Husband won’t be home for a while and kids about to get out of school soon. Need a few groceries.

Act 1: Guess hubby won’t be back in time to pick up the stuff. Yeah, I know there’s that error message, but the stores only a few blocks away, I can make it.

Act 2: Screw getting dressed or putting makeup on. It will just take a sec and these pjs look like regular clothes./em>

Act 3: Ok, so it’s cold and rainy. Wear a jacket.

Act 4: Riding along, being careful. Turn onto a busier street with no sidewalk. About 20 feet down..,

Act 5: Wheelchair dies.

Act 6: Helpful strangers, city workers, neighbors, police officers, fire department, dropped and rescued glove (most romance I’ve seen in years 😉 ) etc.

Act 7: I’m home, one still flashing error on wheelchair, slightly less amazing dinner being prepared…

Stupidest things I’ve done:

*This is not an exhaustive list. I have done way too many stupid things for a measly blog post. Also, I might have mentioned some of these in other posts, but I have too much brain damage from other stupid things to remember.

Put ear wax remover in my eye – it hurts just to think of it. Just remember before you put anything in your eye, check the bottle.

As a teen, I called a very out-of-my-league guy and told him who I was and that I liked him. Either one of those things might have been okay on their own…no, it is better not to do that at all.

Ran the truck through the garage door – I definitely mentioned that one before.

Something stupid I do on a regular basis is talk too much. I really hate that one.

Installed…yeah, pretty much all my installations deserve a mark the stupidity scale.

Almost put Superglue on my eyelid. Does that count if it just “almost” happened?

Did I mention I talk too much? That applies to writing (in something other than a book) too, so enough self-reflection.

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