You all know I’m planning on killing myself in 2027 right? I want to talk about all the reasons why somewhere, so I need your advice.

Should I write about it for wordpress or whatever, or should I make a video saying it? I’m better at writing than I am at talking, but I think the video might be more impactful. Advice?


Trifextra‘s challenge: Write an original fable in 33 words. (Hobbler’s note: I used the second definition on this challenge because it seemed more fun than the third definition would have been. Please do not vote for me).

Poor bird couldn’t tweet

But his bark couldn’t be beat

He tried showing another bird

Noise was all it heard.

Tweeting learned, he showed his friend

Alas, the cat heard in the end.

Moral of the story: A misunderstood genius is better than a loudmouthed fool.