Controversial Topic: Beware

Sshh! No talking! sign

There are some things that are better left unsaid. Like “I have really bad diarrhea” or “Your nose is too big”. There are plenty of appropriate things to talk about, but there are a few things that should be left unsaid unless you are a professional at whatever you are talking about, or if you are on the Dr. Oz show.

One of these topics is the direction a roll of toilet paper should be in. This topic has come up several times in our marriage, and throughout the years I have found myself siding with my husband’s opinion. He thinks the roll of toilet paper should be positioned so that the loose end comes out on top of the roll. Some people place it so the end comes out underneath the roll. I used to not care either way, but living with a person with OCD, or at least some traces of it, has a way of helping you realize the hidden dangers/annoyances of every day life. *See Rules for Being a Pessimist.

I also have some friends (I know, you didn’t think I would have any left after this post, but since they don’t read my blog we are still cool) who I think have some OCD themselves. So, I guess my question for all of you is, which way should the toilet paper go? I have also been informed that certain people think women put it the wrong way (comes out underneath) more often than men, so it is quite important that we come to a conclusion. When we do, we can begin informing which ever gender is wrong that they are truly wrong.

Thanks for your help.