Tornado: Moore Strong

A year ago yesterday was when the tornado wiped out a lot of my town, including the hospital. This site was where they had the remembrance ceremony. I’m sure a google search will lead you to much more information than I could give here, but at the end of all the politicians speaking they broke ground for the new medical center.

I went to the event, in my powerchair of course. Broken foot and all. My kids helped me make a sign for the chair:

I also wrote the motto of our town on my t-shirt:
It was fun. Funny. Sad. Several people mentioned my signs, one of whom was a woman with Parkinson’s who had lost her home in the tornado. She wanted to tell me thanks, for being strong, or at least trying to be, and for showing the world. There were a lot of news organizations from around the world, many who took pictures of me and my signs. I even got interviewed by our local Fox News station. This was all great, but the reason I’m writing about it because I feel like a fraud.

You see, sometimes I have moments of strength, optimism, hope; but I feel weak now. Alone. Sad. I want to make a difference. I want to help. Show people that life’s circumstances don’t have to get you down. Unfortunately, that’s not the whole truth. Some things about life suck. Sometimes you can feel strong for a while, then you get home and realize how weak and pathetic you are. Why can’t I just feel strong all the time?

Thankfully, strength isn’t the only thing that matters. When the tornado hit, and many times since, I’ve felt incredibly weak, but maybe the weak times are when other people get a chance. To lift you up, to support and encourage; or to tear you down even more. I guess the choice is up to each individual.

Strength can be used to push someone around, or bend them to your will. It can also be used to pull someone up. I hope I make the right use of my strength when I have it. I hope you do too.


Haven’t been here in a while. Lots of things have been going on, and just in case anyone out there still comes by here, here’s an update.

Last year we had some bad storms. My in-law’s home was destroyed, but my mother-in-law saved me a few pieces of rubble which I’ve been making jewelry out of. I would like to sell them, but is that morally okay? People died in those storms.

I had a couple surgeries this summer. I have a sneaky suspicion my surgeon just has a thing for robots. My left leg used to be longer than the right (since the 1st surgery) but now (after the second) I think the right’s longer. It’s weird.

I’m still doing a clinical trial for a drug, and they extended the trial indefinitely. I’m pretty sure I’ve been on a placebo, but in a few months I get the real thing. It should be interesting.

We got a puppy. We still have our other dog. Puppies have sharp teeth. Like razors. And bad breath. And more pee than logically makes sense. I’m still more of a cat person.

My kids have been sick. Me too. Like, “wish I was dead” sick, but hopefully it will pass one way or another soon.

Lastly, I’m not sure about writing. I’m doubting my abilities. Being sick isn’t very inspirational either. I’m thinking about deleting this blog. If I ever started blogging again, I’d use my hypothetical pen name.

Signing off for now,