Why do you like writing?

Why do you like to write?

Why do you like to write?

We often bleed words until dawns first light

The shadows chased left a long time ago

So the mood will shift and the words come out slow

Fly with your fingers. Dance with the word

Your voice is so beautiful. Let it be heard,

I bow to the Master

Who plays with my heart

I know He is forming

A strong work of art

A castle of treasure

A life full of ease

A thrilling vacation

Sign me up please

It scares and excites me

But I mostly just smile

My Savior has had my life

Planned for a while

Is it weird that I’m obsessed by You?

I guess it’s not.

A lot of people are in love with You.

Some of us even get tortured

Or die.

Some of us spend our whole lives being Your devotees.

Some of us give up everything

To find Someone more

Someone who fills the longjngs

You didn’t know you had

Who sees beyond

The masks we wear

Who’s just as In love with me

As I am with Him

Then again, I’m a Jesus freak

Could He love me so much

To hang on my words

To saturate me with love

That bleeds to the World?

Love is Jesus

Jesus is Love

Thank You for being my Fan.

Momma Natty

There is an artist named Natalie, but many of her friends call her, Momma Natty. She has a very nurturing and kind motherly personality. Often providing food, shelter, inspiration, or a kick in the hide if you need one, she is known well by many.

She dabbles in many forms of art, sculptures, abstracts, even pieces that move or change color. She loves everything she makes and is very proud of each piece of artwork. So proud that she gives each creation a mind of its own. Not necessarily a brain, but a mind.

Unfortunately, many pieces of art use their minds to compare themselves to the other pieces of art or to be critical of their perceived inadequacies. Some pieces of art try to force other pieces into societal compliance instead of embracing the fact that each piece is made to be different. Different is beautiful to an artist.

With those thoughts in mind, she wants to tell you about Her Special Project. She cultivated a very special Seed. A Seed that was planted in Mary’s tummy where it matured to be birthed as Jesus Christ.

Now, Momma Natty, also known as Mother Nature, wants to tell you a few things.

I love you.

I know natural disasters are difficult, but they are sometimes necessary. The fact that you are warming the globe and polluting everything doesn’t help, but, like I said, I love you. Just don’t be surprised if a sinkhole swallows your house or car. The earth can only take so much. All of nature groans with longing for the return of the Divine Parasite of Humanity, Jesus Christ.

In the meantime the world is beautiful, amazing, dangerous, and so many other things. Please take care of her and the rest of your universe, including yourself. You are a work of art and I am captivated by you and so proud of you. We need to try harder to take care of each other because life works better when Nature and Nurture combine.

I know that I annoy a lot of you and my powers have destroyed many things, but they’ve also showcased miracles and demonstrated My Sovereignty.

Mother Nature is a part of God, and what a powerful part She plays.

To those of you who don’t believe Mother Nature is part of God, I simply ask you to pray about it with an open mind. God doesn’t need me to show you that He is the giver, sustainer, and taker of many lives in many ways. He, or should I say “She,” is so much more than we often believe. She is oxygen. The very air we breathe.

God makes many spirit seeds which go into many human bodies. Mother Nature takes over at that point and babies grow. Which is why the persecution of LGBT people breaks her heart. Of course some Boy Spirits are in Girls bodies and Visa Versa, as most daycare workers know.

How dare humanity try to pressure God’s seed away from being who their Spirit says they are. Bodies make mistakes all the time. God loves us all and sees who we are inside our bodies.

Spirit Seeds are also why God doesn’t like abortion. Each Seed will produce an amazing Flower if given the chance to grow. God loves all Life, even the mothers who abort, but God knows abortion hurts everyone.

Judgement also hurts everyone. The judgement and condemnation from the past was supposed to be vanquished through the blood of Jesus.

Why does humanity try so hard to force people into a box that none of us actually fits in?

We are All created in His image. Male and Female. He is both and neither. He is a Spirit without gender or many other silly human things we get so worked up about.

Mother Nature is a very real part of a very real God who made a very real seed which grew into a very real man named Jesus. Jesus was a man. God is every gender and loves and abides in us All. God Is Love

Money is paper

But sometimes it is fun

To pretend I had many dollars

Instead of just one.

Then I laugh at myself

Silly girl, you’re just fine

No need to worry, regret, or whine.

You see, I’ve a God who has streets made of gold.

The time on this planet is not meant to hold

Me trapped in doubt,or buried in fear.

So even when the path is not clear.

I choose to believe that You already know

The perfect plan and how it should go.

So I rest in anticipation of what’s next to come.

Humbled by the power of God’s Holy Son.

Am I a Glutton for Punishment?

Do I enjoy the pain

Torturing myself till I go insane

Wanting to Fly

But chained to the floor

Agony seems to be what I was made for

Sitting in shit

Languishing tears

Entrapped by inadequacy

Haunted by fears

Yet there is something that lingers inside

A mystery that still is trying to hide

Maybe if I will stay so very still

A voice will talk to me and tell me God’s will.

Poetry is dead?

I’m reblogging but also editing a touch because I kept trying to comment and it wouldn’t post. I don’t know if poetry is dead. The Spirit that inspires it is definitely alive and goes by Allah/Jesus/HolySpirit/God/MotherNature. I think the same Spirit that inspired most religious texts also inspires most poets. It calls itself, The Word, in Genesis 1:1.

Back to the reblog.

Poetry Is dead Death is inevitable, painful and is a rather complicated stage for the living. There is no definite finality of it either, as there …

Poetry is dead

Help Me God

I cry out to You, because I don’t know what I should do.

To get financial support when I’m technically okay.

But there is so much more in play.

It’s also about teaming up to change the World.

God’s arms stretch far when his flag is uncurled.

Giving joy to others and sharing. A Smile.

Two lives can bring much more joy for a while.

What if it is simply a ploy? A controlling man wanting me to bring joy.

I Except that this all seems to good to be true.

So decision time and What will I do?

Although I trust God I just want to sleep. Knowing some promises people don’t keep.

I just need to stop and try not to think, and apologize for any hope on the brink.

Everything seems to be happening so fast. I thought that real love is the type that will last.

My legs hurt a lot, so perhaps I will try to get on the couch so goodnight and goodbye.

Ok, my Master

I’ll bow to Your will, even if my mind is struggling still.

I completely trust You, and will do as You desire.

You will take care of me in the midst of the fire.

Now I’ve just got to trust and stay faithful in prayer.

Following Jesus, no matter how or where.

Giving myself to what you have planned.

Knowing that You’re the only One who could stand

Even without legs, your wisdom stays true, and You know exactly what good it can do.

Thank you Jesus for being the kind of Being who lives for a life of service, and sharing that spirit with me.

Thank You for giving me a heart longing to help.

Thank you for giving me eyes to see the needs of people around me.

Thanks You for providing for my every need, according to Your riches in glory.

Help me to help share the love You have blessed me with.