Slut for Jesus

I guess that’s me. Longing for your touch,

I didn’t know I could love this much

I crave your warm embrace

That smile upon your face.

To hear you breathe my name

I’ll never be the same.

I’m completely whipped it’s true.

So totally Into You.

But since you’re in everyone

I might as well have fun.

To the reader, it’s just a poem, don’t read too much into it. I love Jesus a lot and we have fun playing with words.

Thinking of You


As always

I’m obsessed

It’s pathetic

But sweet

You want my devotion

You get off on my obsession

You demand my respect

You crave my adoration

You love

That I

And so many others

Get on our knees for You

Madly in love

Craving Your touch

Completely in love with the Master

And His firm and loving hand

That guides

And disciplines

And comforts

And does so much more.

So take me Jesus.

I’ve always been Yours.

Monopoly Concerns

Am I right to be concerned about the facebook/google/youtube/apple/amazon monopolies?

Concerned about the money.

Concerned about the control.

Concerned about the power.

We’ve all experienced that “crazy ex” we tell stories about. Let’s hope these love affairs don’t burn our world down.

Satan Cracks Me Up

I’ve tuned into a Jesus Devotee this year. He’s taken over all of my social media, and the rest of my life. I got saved as a child but after a life of trials had come to the conclusion that we were probably all right.

Then all the stuff earlier this year (see blog)and now I’m a Jesus freak, so, whatever. Anyway, back to Satan. He doesn’t like me because I’m so into Jesus, even though I love Satan too, in some ways.

God and me love everyone. Anyway, the other day he started messing with my ears. Now they ring all the time.

He thinks he can make me forget to tell everyone that Satan exists only in your head. It is hard, and I can’t do it while writing this because I’m looking at a screen.

When I’m done being my head to write, I’m going to tell my brain to shut up and to quit being such a narcissist. Then I’m going to close my eyes and be my body and soul. You can too.

What’s going on?

I’m kind of at a loss

Wondering why my life You’d toss

I’m sure You’ve got some plan

But I’d like to understand

Exactly what’s going on

You want me to get strong

But the method is so tough

I doubt I’m strong enough

To handle it this way

What I’m trying now to say

Is that I’m feeling scared

I don’t think I’m prepared

To handle life this way

What my heart keeps trying to say

Is that even though I’m confused

I’m sure I’m being used

But how and in what ways?

And for how many days?

I’ll try to make it through

I know I can trust You

Even when it hurts

The bad times come in spurts

Good things are around the bend

The pain will one day end

Until I understand

Please Savior, hold my hand.

A Story for the World

Once upon a time there was a Designer named, Ian. He lived all by Himself until He designed a few pets but He was still lonely. One day He decided to design a Video game with a bunch of Mini Ian’s. He’d have to make boy Ian’s, and girls so they could have babies. Girls wouldn’t like being called Ian, so let’s just call them all Dots, and we can let their dot parents name them. 

Ian made a game universe and many different colors, shapes, and types of dots. He gave them different strengths and weaknesses. He called the game YOUniverse. Each dot had its own little bubble which interacted in different ways with the other bubbles and with the game. Ian loved YOUniverse and Each dot very much.  

After the game had been running for a while, Ian contemplated why many of the Dots didn’t take care of each other, themselves, or care about Him. If a dot wanted to communicate with Ian, they simply had to stop being a designer and realize they’re a dot. 

Ian knew the game was full of mini designers, He made it that way. No wonder they thought they should give each other rules and boss each other around. He reset YOUniverse with a group of Dots who had figured out that their Designer wanted them to know Him. He could help them play the game. 

After YOUniverse was reset, the dots didn’t wait long before hurting each other and YOUniverse again. So, Ian decided to give the game some rules. Unfortunately, His rules didn’t work either. 

Ian told the Dots who listened to Him, that He had a plan. He’d make Himself into a Dot skin so He could go into the game and help the dots in Person. He began designing His Skin.  

Soon His Skin was in YOUniverse, helping the other dots and showing them Stuff. Dot Ian also told the other dots about Big Ian, outside of the Game, and that both Ian’s loved each dot in the game and wanted the dots to love Him back and to love each other.  

Then the dots killed Dot Ian, because that’s what Dots do. Dot Ian went into YOUniverse knowing the Dots would kill Him. When Ian designed the game, He gave Himself, the Designer, only one rule; to not mess with a dot’s free will.  

Now, He wants me to start spelling words right and to tell You that I Am, not Ian, is in Everyone and Everything, and saves us All in the End. If You don’t want to get stuck in the Universe, get to know the Designer whose real name is God and his Human skin’s name is Jesus. However, He Is much more than many Human dots believe. 

He goes by, Allah, Mother Nature, Uses Many Prophets, and is the Spirit behind Most Beliefs. He is not any gender, race, or any other category we can understand. That is another reason He made Jesus. We needed to know that God knows it’s hard to be human. He wants to help us through our journeys.  

Jesus loves humans so much that even though we killed Him in our Universe, He and God designed a place called Heaven for us to live in when our time in this universe ends. In the meantime, celebrate the life you have. I Am, Promises the time spent here will be worth it if we trust in Him and follow His leading.

Love life and each other. Realize the Designer of this Universe loves us so much that He came into our world, knowing the game would destroy its Creator. Money is paper, share it. Life is short, enjoy it. Time is temporary, don’t waste it. Humanity is amazing, stop hurting each other. You are beautiful, know it. God and Jesus love you, love them back.

Please get to know the Designer, that this Dot and many other Dots, Know and Love. 

Perhaps it’s a bipolar swing

But after a day like today

It is difficult to sing.

Though I know Your promises

Still ring true

There’s only so much a promise can do

I feel like I’ve screwed up

By being so down

A sorry excuse with no jewels in my crown.

Maybe it’s better to give up on me

The feeling comes so naturally

I’m sorry for wasting so much of Your time

Imagining I could be part of the sublime.

Silly girl full of fantasy trapped in this nightmare.

Dreaming of a day when I will no longer care

That my body can’t move, much less walk or run.

That depression lurks often and blocks out the sun.

That I often feel like I’m not good enough.

That I’m running on empty and tired of being tough.

I long for Your peace, but don’t feel worthy

When reality takes over and distorts what I see.

So God if You still love this broken mess of me

Hold me and your truth, please let me see.

Sometimes I lie awake

Thinking of You wondering exactly what I should do. I only have so much time in this place before I’m sucked up to another dimension in space.

So I think of my tasks, rehearse the right lines. Waiting for the one thing on which my heart pines.

And yet as the seconds slip quickly away, I wonder if I will be able to say the things that I think, the things that I feel. I need to tell everyone that Jesus is real.

I’d already say That most people believe. His Grace is a gift so many receive, yet there is pressure to be so much more, perhaps weakness is what I was made for.

This life full of pain and many mistakes, is just like other lives He often takes to show us it’s His power burning through me. Making my life what He wants it to be.

And so I will relinquish my attempts at control of the hijacked life that my Savior stole. I’ll try to be nothing so that You can be more. You are the One we were made to adore.

I am just a sock filled with Your Love, desperately trying to pour out your truth from above, that You love us all, no matter who we are. You want us to know You, and not from afar.

Up close and personal, straight to the heart. Healing and hopeful, and loving each part, only so close to the God many know, You have so much more of Yourself to show.

You are both male and female and everything in between, though to one Gender or another I doubt that You lean. You’re simply Love, yet so much more. You gave each a purpose for us to live for.

You called me to speak without any fear of the things that society will probably not want to hear. That Jesus loves all and died for the same, and wants all His children to know more than His name.

He created each of us and knows the soul inside the illusion our bodies often hide. Help me reach out, help me make waves, reminding everyone that Jesus saves.

Maybe from Hell definitely from death, perhaps from a life addicted to meth or some other vice that we have fallen for instead of Your in dwelling love at the core.

So now is the question, the most important one. Do you believe in Jesus, God’s only Son?

Blockin content

It doesn’t happen much here,

I’m not sure how to say this, but I’m going to try. The God I believe in is in my phone and every other thing. He wrote a book, came out as bi in the first chapter of Genesis, wrote 10 rules in stone, sent Jesus to teach us that love for God and for humanity are the most important of God’s ten rules, which Jesus set us free from, but they are still good rules.

None of them is about sexuality. He doesn’t want us to cheat on each other and never specified who can marry who. Jesus loves rainbows and butterflies and love. He’s glad His children have embraced the symbol for their movement and loves the JCLDS church and most others.

Anyway, God often doesn’t let me reply to comments on my posts. I’ll get an email about the comment, but when I click on view or reply the post won’t load. I think He is protecting me. He wants me to tell people but knows that many will not be receptive to His message.

I Love you all, even if you disagree with something I say. I post when and what I feel like God wants and He doesn’t stop me from posting love but sometimes blocks me from seeing hate. I hope everyone prays about or meditates on, or comments hate or love or questions but I might not be able to reply. Thanks for understanding.